Mis Nametso Phonchi


this is about WORD…ALL I WANT IS to be remembered for the things i have written..i live to change SOCIETY with my printed words.

i am a sociopolitical poet who writes from within the mind and the heart inspired by society and its changes. Sometimes i take a nap out of my own home and write from outside, or i creep inside someone’s feelings and write from their feel!so i imagine things..(well not too much)..i just share my feelings!

i am interested in A LOT OF THINGS ranging from language, class, environment to gender..basically i write from my point of view..anything that touches, anything that disturbs me enough to catch my attention, be it GOOD OR BAD.

Sometimes i go crazy enough to wake up in the middle of the night just to create a sentence or two..and the morning shines above my head still holding to paper and pen..

i pray every night, that i die holding on to paper that my words will never go FORGOTTEN

ok am out of here..(duty calls)..


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