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At our Eyes Closed (Poem)


1536649_10152123905722702_549278533_nAt our eyes closed

I stood still before you, gazing at honesty

Knitted on the silver linings of your skin inviting

us into a ceremonial dance of affection

into lovers dance

into cross paths

At our eyes closed, there is no day and dawn,

There are no alarm clocks and morning rooster crows

Just full moons and stars becoming ex-lovers

washed in rain and swept away by whirlwinds

to become other lovers lovers

We finally hold hands joyfully

exchanging sentiments encrypted boldly on finger tips

that forever ached to interlock without time

begging us to stop,

or to move on with seasons that passed

So 5 years later

We are trembling in between each others palms

pruning warmth from souls that wish to end together

At our eyes closed, I conversed with the poet in you

in a language that only ghosts would understand

We became skeletons between walls of your room,

trapped in peace like coffins beneath tombstones

I have danced with shadows of your pupils

On the hot silver sand,

where I have seen you write neon poems

With your toes concealing parts of us

that burnt with years that passed

At our eyes closed,

We crawled back into temples

that housed our bare bodies from tanning


we grew gardens from these

new and gentle

and honest