Winter Days (Poem)

Winter Days (Poem)

I know it will spring someday
I want to dance joyfully in these moments
of impatient suns and scarce rainbows
Morning shivers moulding into new forms of greetings
permitting new pairs of wavy scarfs
to speak our minds
as we find comfort in drier skins

I remember perfectly winter days gone by
As little girls unable to count on the suns loyalty
we grew older than our sizes, brighter than our skins
Waxed flawlessly with petroleum jelly
concealing ‘magotsane’ on our chapped cheeks
So now,
As winter crystals nestle with my feet
I want to be reminded of all stories
told by grandmothers by the fire,
and i will treasure trails
of their merriment as ‘dipala’ on my thighs

I yearned for your mornings dearly tender and awakening
loaded with coffee kisses and chai tea embraces
untying frozen memories between a dreamer lips and a pencil led
As I pack away remains of broken promises
spoken under gentle summer skies
I will not miss the rainbow and its colourful lies

In winter nights
I want to be reminded of my lovers’ strength
when gloomy constellations and unfriendly temperatures
defeats our patience under burning candles
My soul will dance through warm breaths
Entombed between layers of sheets
As we create memories as sacred as pyramids

In winter
A season of falling leaves and dead flowers
I will hold on to twigs and stems unshaken
And dance around fires ignited on icicles
Before spring butterflies carry the ambiance away
When all things are new